Exercise 1.4 Frame

“The final exercise of this project makes use of the viewfinder grid display of a digital camera.”

As far as I was able to find out, my camera doesn’t have a viewfinder grid. I found this exercise quite strange, as it felt weird to only think about a portion of the composition! These images are taken in my parents garden, which is within the dartmoor national park.


We were then asked to select the most interesting images and group them in a contact sheet. I wasn’t quite clear if we were allowed to crop the images or not so I’ve left them be.

Here are my picks large size. Obviously theres a bit of an award relationship between the bench and the summer house here. I would much rather crop this!

2016-02-23 14.26.27

In each case we were asked to fill a portion of the frame with a chosen object, and ignore the rest of the scene. In this case the bench stands out nicely!

2016-02-23 14.26.59

Focus on the red watering can.

2016-02-23 14.29.49

2016-02-23 14.31.25 2016-02-23 14.31.28 2016-02-23 14.31.31 2016-02-23 14.31.36 2016-02-23 14.32.05

I know the chicken is filling the frame here, which is not what we were asked to do, but I just couldn’t bare not to let it take centre stage for one pic! (Needless to say, photographing chickens is hard, they don’t keep still much.)

2016-02-23 14.32.16

Back view of dog and partner

2016-02-23 14.35.11

Log bottom right was my subject here

2016-02-23 14.40.46 2016-02-23 14.44.59 2016-02-23 14.44.02

The group.  I organised the arrangement manually as I wanted them in a particular sequence, ( I edited down further to remove the summer house, and left off the wheelbarrows to give an even number of pics)gardenSet



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