Exercise 2.1

“Find a scene that has depth. From a fixed position, take a sequence of five or six shots at different focal lengths without changing your viewpoint.”

I had to look up focal length to be sure I really understood this concept. I think I have grasped it now (hopefully), and here is the result on the very glamorous subject of my washing line. Actually, although I was rather limited for subject matter, I think it illustrates the point fairly well as you can chart the row of clothing as the range of items diminishes!

I’m just starting to get to grips with Aperture Priority and would like to thank my lovely friend landscape photographer,  Rachel Burch, who explained how to alter my settings and why.  So hopefully I’ve understood, but if my choices are weird, its entirely my fault! So here’s the camera info:


As it was a sunny day, I may not have needed  the ISO to be 800, but as the washing was flapping, I didn’t want the shutter speed to get too slow.

I stayed in the one spot and adjusted my lens for each picture, working through the options available.

18mm – As I understand it, a short focal length gives a wide angle of view, which can be seen here

2016-03-18 15.54.49-1

24mm Note the orange T-shirt on the left is only half visible…

2016-03-18 15.55.45

35mm – We appear to be honing in on the trellis…

2016-03-18 15.55.58-1

45mm….and the path to the right has disappeared

2016-03-18 15.56.09

55mm…This is now my camera’s longest focal length, giving the narrowest field of view

2016-03-18 15.56.18-1

I found a brilliant explanation of this on You Tube, with a chap demonstrating with a couple of poles and a bicycle wheel. Genius.

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