Exercise 2.3


“Choose a subject in front of a background with depth. Select your shortest focal length and take a close low viewpoint, below your subject.You’ll see that a very wide lens together with a close viewpoint creates extreme perspective distortion. “

For this task, I enlisted the help of my friend Bear. As you can see she’s pretty comfortable with the camera and is happy to pose without smiling.

Here I’m close to her eye level….

2016-03-18 16.08.51

And now I’ve dropped below her. I wasn’t able to get much distortion here, but you can see some foreshortening in that her leg appears larger in proportion to her other paws.

2016-03-18 16.09.22-2

Here’s some better examples I found elsewhere…

Unfortunately I can’t credit a specific photographer for this one, but heres the link



Aernout Overbeeke – both this image and the one below are monochrome, which adds to the drama. Love the way this human body is distorted, with the head completely obscured. Are we looking at a ‘thing’ or a person?! It slightly reminds me of Dali et al as it has such a surreal quality.


Brandt – again the dramatic lighting adds to the image. And it poses lots of questions…Where the hell is the rest of the person? Is there one? Whats behind the doors…etc! (OK. You didn’t need me to pose those questions out loud. Sorry)



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