Exercise 2.4


“Find a location with good light for a portrait shot. Place your subject some distance in front of a simple background and select a wide aperture together with a moderately long focal length such as 100mm on a 35mm full-frame camera (about 65mm on a cropped-frame camera). Take a viewpoint about one and a half metres from your subject, allowing you to compose a headshot comfortably within the frame. Focus on the eyes and take the shot.”

Huge thanks to my friend Rach, for this one. I had the benefit of a photography lesson and a patient subject to photograph,  all in one. I experimented with flash for the first few pictures, then we turned all the available lights on in the room, to enable me to shoot without flash.

The pictures with flash caused white reflection on Rach’s face, so I prefer the non-flash ones. The light is much more orange, which might not be very ‘correct’? But I rather like the warmth of it. (This may be because I changed the white balance for flash and forgot to change it back to the default.)

I was able to prattle on about what ISO and shutter speed I had, while she patiently let me fiddle about. It was VERY helpful to have someone on hand to talk this over with. This is really the first time I felt the slightest bit in control of my camera.

Here’s the contact sheet


Here’s the camera details for the pics with flash

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 19.49.46

And without


Here she is (slightly cropped from the original to eliminate the background above her head)





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