Exercise 5.1

Exercise 5.1 The Distance Between Us

“Use your camera as a measuring device. This doesn’t refer to the distance scale on the focus ring(!). Rather, find a subject that you have an empathy with and take a sequence of shots to ‘explore the distance between you’. Add the sequence to your learning log, indicating which is your ‘select’ – your best shot.”

I had a little trouble choosing my subject for this one as I couldn’t think of an object I had empathy with…then I realised the most obvious choice is to take pictures of my partner. This was quite challenging, as he is currently madly busy doing up our house, which meant I grabbed my camera with no preparation or time to think.

Its quite irritating having someone waving a camera around when you are in the middle of working, so I just had to get on with it. but I think this caused me not to over think what I was doing and maybe that helped my creativity. As you can see, some of the images are underexposed. I used my on camera flash as a spur of the moment fix.

contactsheet-001 contactsheet-002

Unexpected things

This is a mistake I like: I know this is underexposed, but I like the tinge of blue back light.


I’ve been telling him Crocs are evil for quite some time, but he still wears them… I prefer the stance of the feet facing front, though I’m not sure why. Maybe its because you know the subject must be facing you, but we are looking at his feet. You can see the light by his left foot has blown which isn’t ‘good’, but its pretty (to me!) Other details have crept into the frame – workbench,  chairs and his bike.


Cropped close up. The more images I took, the more I got drawn into looking at texture. Can I get away with the frame being in focus not the person? I hope so…I like that he’s frowning!


Completely distracted now…I was drawn to the wood, metal and flaky yellow paint


The background is very mottled and grainy – but I love the patina on this old pipe. pipe

Through a gap in the wall again – this time ignoring texture and having my subject in focus


Love the texture again here – and the blue paint with the ‘orange’ tones of the brick and his face


I should add this is not staged; he was in mid phone call which allowed me to get a more natural facial expression




The ISO is up to 800 on some of these shots, and I did have difficulty taking pictures indoors with limited light, also the exposure was particularly tricky when shooting through the hole on the wall. I did up the exposure in photoshop for some of these images. If you’re being picky, I gather some people would re-work the catch light – to add one to both eyes and re-position at two or ten o’clock.

As I type this, the hole in the wall is already boarded up, and the opportunity to return to the same view point has gone. I got really drawn into this subject, it was so interesting to see what happened within the frame, and also how much I was drawn to texture every bit as much as capturing my partner…Using the relationship between him and his surroundings,  allowed me to shift emphasis from him to the fabric of the building and back again.





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