Exercise 5.2

Exercise 5.2

“Select an image by any photographer of your choice and take a photograph in response to it. You can respond in any way you like to the whole image or to just a part of it, but you must make explicit in your notes what it is that you’re responding to. Is it a stylistic device such as John Davies’ high viewpoint, or Chris Steele Perkins’ juxtapositions? Is it the location, or the subject? Is it an idea, such as the decisive moment?

Add the original photograph together with your response to your learning log. Which of the three types of information discussed by Barrett provides the context in this case? Take your time over writing your response because you’ll submit the relevant part of your learning log as part of Assignment Five.”

I’ve chosen to look at landscape photographer, Rachel Burch. She has kindly allowed me to display some of her images here.





Rachel Burch trained before digital took hold, at a time when all photography students learnt to use a dark room and produce their own images from scratch. She tends to publish her images without post processing, avoiding techniques such as image stacking, or altering the colour balance. The light captured is natural, and to me totally suited to the subject matter. ‘Hyper-real’ images can look stunning, but I think its sometimes a technique thats over used, and can perhaps be a little cliched.

The mood of these images vary. You can see the first two are in bright, rich sunlight. I’ve deliberately displayed them changing in tone as you scroll down the page, where they become more softer and more dream-like as you go on. Its is this quality of natural light that I’m responding to – the lovely reflective nature of the water lying on the sand, gently sparkling sea,  the light diffused through cloud, and entering the mouth of a cave. I think it shows a love of the natural world, and captures a stillness and sense of atmosphere that is understated.

This is what I hoped to try and capture, especially as I now live less than 10 mins drive from the sea (or estuary, strictly speaking). It was lovely to be able to get outside for this one and enjoy the gorgeous view. I just had to take pot luck when health allowed – but I got very lucky with a beautiful day!

Here are the results:


Rachel Burch inspired images

I had to include this picture, simply because I loved this house nestling in the dunes!






For these last three images, I’ve got the sun behind me, and these lovely boats are conveniently arranged on the sand! This was taken mid afternoon – inevitably the light quality is different from some of Rachel Burch’s photos, but I hope I’ve managed to capture the mirrored quality of the water…


Perhaps more so in these last two.  I like the drama better with this image, but I think the smaller boats are a little distracting.


Final Choice

I did notice my horizon is pretty much half way up this picture, not ideal… Despite cropping this one,  but I didn’t want to loose too much land or sky! I quite like the way it heightens the horizontal sweep of landscape though, being narrower.







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